Is Paintball a Child's Game?

All You Need To Know About Paintball

You might have heard this word before but what does it mean? Is it a related to art or is it related to a ball? All your questions will be answered from this definition. Paintball is a game; Yes it's a game, and in this game balls that are made of gelatin shells are used. Interestingly, these shells are filled with water soluble dye. The paintballs are then fired with a help of gun that is filled with compressed gas.

How is it played?

It is not as simple as it seems there are certain rules which need to be followed to play the game and it is an amazing game.

  1. The first rule of the game is that you have to keep your mask on your face when you are in the boundaries of the field in which the game is played.
  2. When someone fires a paintball on you or tags you then you are out of the game
  3. The game is played for an objective, it can vary it can be to get rid of opponent’s team members by tagging them all, or to guard your own flag, or touch the bunker of the other team etc.
  4. The game is played between two teams’
  5. The number of players in each team is not fixed it depends on the size of the field in which the game is being played.
  6. The usual time of the game is 10 limit and it can be altered.
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