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Is Paintball a Child's Game?


Last time I went to a paintball battle zone was few months ago, that was my first and last experience and the funny thing is, I didn't even participated in the paintball battle that day. I just sat there and heard crying voices when one of the opponents accidently fired at a soft tissue of my friend leg. It was like watching someone hit with a real bullet. The agonizing pain was terrible and I just wondered how can be a fun paintball game be this bad.

Then after learning more about paintball, I came to a conclusion it is a good game if you are wearing safety equipment. Instead of playing a first person shooter game on a console, paintball provides more realistic and fun experience especially if you have a large group of family and friends.

If you ask any paintball instructors or players, they will tell you that it does hurt. But it depends on the quality of paintball. Paintballs are made from a thin rubber-like substance that is similar to the tube that comes out of football. Some low-quality paintballs fail to burst at a right time in result causing terrible pain and blue sore skin. If hit at a sensitive area of a body, it can be deadly.

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